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Book Publishing

At PurposeHouse, we deliver quality publishing packages at an affordable price, providing value to Christian Authors who don’t want to waste their time or money. You always keep all the rights to your work. We help you format your interior, create a custom book cover and navigate the publishing process.


Core Services:
Our core editorial services are best suited for manuscripts that have previously been edited for content and flow. We’ll check for grammar, typos and word choice with an eye towards continuity and ease of read.

Advanced Services:
Advanced editing services include editing for content and flow in addition to grammar, spelling and word choice. It is a more substantive edit that typically requires more iterations. We’ll spend more time asking you questions and incorporating your comments.


Do you have a sermon series that you’ve been wanting to turn into a book? Maybe you’ve got an outline but you don’t have the time to flesh out a manuscript even though the ideas and concepts are yours. We’ll help you develop your materials into a finished product. The focus is your ideas and your concepts brought to life by our skill and time. We’ll consider what has been written, what research has been done and what time you have for interviews to determine an ideal completion date and working schedule. We partner with you to bring your vision to life. The ghostwriting process has several variables that determine price. Some of these include: 1. Total word count 2. Amount of the manuscript that is complete 3. Amount of research necessary to complete the manuscript 4. Author availability for interviews 5. How intensive any necessary editing of grammar, spelling, structure etc., will be 6. How quickly you want to finish (timeframe) 


Need marketing help for your upcoming book or a book you published elsewhere? We offer marketing services and products to all authors, regardless of where or how you published your book.